1927 3HP Elto Rudder Twin

Ole Evinrude who started Evinrude Motor Company in the early 1900's made these motors. Have you heard of the knuckle buster motors? The Rudder Twin was in this family. The motor had to be cranked by turning the flywheel with the small knob on top. When the motor cranked or kicked back it would normally bust your knuckle. Barry Gunnells is the owner.
1946 Mercury KD4

1946 6HP Mercury KD4

Mercury began building outboard motors in 1939 by Karl Kiekhaefer. Karl bought a company by the name of Thor, which was in bankruptcy. He reworked the engines and sold them under the name of Sea King to Montgomery Ward. Later, the name was changed to Mercury and still making history.
1943 Kiekhaefer Mercury

1943 Kiekhaefer Mercury

Check out the 1943 Kiekhaefer Mercury 6HP Stationery engine. Mercury made different items for the army during WWII. This stationery engine was used to run field generators, portable saw mills, etc. during the war. All outboard production was halted during the war. Most outboard manufacturers were making different items to help assist with the war.
Mercury Racing Motor

1950 Mercury Super 10 Racing Motor

This motor has a Quikia lower unit and a set of Quincey side exhausts. The motor was rated at 10 HP, but put out over 20 HP. They would run at 50 mph on a wooden hydro plane.